Are Foundation Repairs Common in Texas?

June 14, 2023

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Are you more likely to face foundation repair in Texas than in other areas or states? This is a fair question for anyone looking to move to the Lone Star State and current homeowners! After all, it’s good to know what to expect regarding your home’s maintenance over the years.

In short, most homes need foundation repair to some extent over the years. This includes crack filling or patching for slabs and basements and shimming for piers and beams. If you’re unsure of the meaning of those terms, keep reading! Some added information will help you know what to expect regarding foundation repair for your home.

are foundation repairs common in texas

Causes of Foundation Issues in Texas

First, newer Texas homes typically include slab foundations, while piers and beams are common with pre-1960 homes. Second, it’s good to consider damage risks to both designs so you know what to expect for your property!

A majority of the settling and sinking that occurs in Texas state, especially from the San Antonio to Dallas region, is thought to be due to the Balckland Prarie, which spans approximately 6.1 million hectares. This region contains a high percentage of expansive clay soil that loses moisture during hot, dry summer months and expands when there is moisture.  This can cause piers, beams, and slabs to settle unevenly or sink into the ground over time.

What causes slab foundation damage?

Slab foundations, as the name implies, are flat concrete slabs, typically built along the ground. Contractors can pour these foundations quickly and easily, making them a favorite choice for new construction. Also, many homeowners appreciate the lack of steps for one-story homes on slab foundations!

However, that concrete slab absorbs moisture from the surrounding soil easily, risking leaks and other damage. Excess moisture also pushes on the concrete, risking heaving and resultant cracks. Lastly, poor-quality construction means weakness and premature breakdown.

What causes pier and beam foundation damage?

Pier and beam foundations consist of a pier or column set into the ground. Beams running along a home’s underside attach to those piers. This foundation lifts the house, creating a crawl space under the structure.

As with slabs, moisture is often the number one enemy of pier and beam foundations. These materials absorb moisture and then risk cracking. Also, weak soil allows the piers and beams to shift, which causes premature damage. Termites and carpenter ants can chew through wood piers and a structure’s framing. Finally, inadequate maintenance of the structure can result in expensive repair or replacement bills. If a pier and beam foundation has been weakened by any of these factors, it’s important to have it inspected and repaired as soon as possible.

Are Foundation Repairs Common in Texas?

According to Groundworks, out of the 15 metro areas with the most significant foundation issues, Texas ranks for 7 out of the 15.

Increased risk of water damage means you’re more likely to face needed foundation repair in Texas. For example, the closer your home is to water, the more moisture in the soil. That moisture risks cracks and leaks along slabs and gets trapped in crawl spaces. Consider foundation waterproofing if you live near the coast or any large lake or if there's a high amount of rainfall.

Additionally, poor-quality construction and maintenance increase foundation damage risks, as said. Always invest in a reputable contractor for any foundation work or new construction. Moreover, property owners should keep outside soil graded properly and ensure underground sprinklers are in good working order.

Above all, schedule regular foundation inspections for your home so you can address damage quickly. The sooner you patch cracks and leaks, the less likely they’ll grow and spread. A foundation repair contractor can also alert you to needed maintenance to prevent future damage.

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Can You Sell a House in Texas With Foundation Problems?

No law says you cannot sell a house with a foundation or any other structural problems. Property flippers and developers often specialize in buying distressed homes! However, you might note a few important points about selling a home with foundation issues or damage.

First, the law typically dictates that you disclose severe damage to any potential buyer. Second, mortgage lenders require a full inspection before signing off on a loan. This inspection typically includes the foundation, whether a slab, basement, crawl space or other design.

Consequently, don’t assume you can hide those repair issues while selling a damaged home. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean you need to address needed repairs before selling. If you disclose the problems as required, it’s up to the buyer to decide on the purchase. Some buyers will address repair issues after purchasing if the price is right. Your real estate agent can offer more information about selling a damaged home.

NB Foundation Repair Experts is happy to provide our readers with information about foundation repair in Texas. Hopefully, you found it useful and informative! Also, feel free to call our New Braunfels foundation repair contractors when you’re in the market for expert fixes. We’ll schedule a FREE inspection and full quote at your earliest convenience. Above all, we guarantee our work quality and put that promise in writing. With this in mind, why not contact us today and get your property started on all the foundation repairs needed?

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