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Your crawl space in New Braunfels doesn't scare our squad. Let us come and investigate what's going on below your building!

When's the last time you've been down in your crawl space in New Braunfels? Sometimes when we ask this question to our customers, they respond with, "never." As much as you don't want to go under your house, as a homeowner, you have to have a professional look at it routinely.

The dependable crawl space contractors from NB Foundation Repair Experts have been in some of the most horrifying spaces in the state of Texas, and your crawl space is another hurdle we're ready and eager to take on!

We have comprehensive solutions whether you need crawl space repair, crawl space encapsulation, or a crawl space vapor barrier. Get the ball rolling with your request for a FREE estimate for services.

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Perfecting Each Crawl Space in New Braunfels 

Crawl Space Inspection in New Braunfels Supplies You the Facts

Nothing can be done with your crawl space in New Braunfels until you have it inspected. The qualified crawl space structural engineers that work for us already know the common problems with these types of foundations, so we understand what to watch for. 

When we've concluded your inspection, you will be handed a detailed report with our findings. There's nothing extra added in just because we want to force you into paying us for a service you don't require. Comprehend what condition your crawl space installation in New Braunfels is at with straight answers from our specialists.

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Crawl Space Encapsulation - Is it a Need or a Luxury?

Crawl space encapsulation in New Braunfels is necessary for so many homeowners, and they don't even realize it. You may think that it's not essential, but there are a plethora of advantages like:

  • Better breathing with a reduction in mold, mildew, and bacteria growth
  • Prevention of floor repairs
  • Lower energy costs
  • More life out of your heating and cooling equipment
  • Possible tax incentives
  • Increased property value

Crawl space encapsulation is not a want. It's a must! Call now for an instant quote!

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Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Improves Health & Happiness

Did the inspection include a check for a crawl space vapor barrier in New Braunfels when you bought your home? If it didn't, you're likely not even aware it's a feature. It's not found in all houses, but we're here to inform you, you want one in yours. 

Your crawl space vapor barrier:

  • Allows more comfortable access to the crawl space
  • Provides greater energy efficiency
  • Eliminates rust and corrosion
  • Deters pests
  • Prevents structural damage from mold growth
  • Helps to contain wiring for safety

Should you install a vapor barrier in your crawl space in New Braunfels? Get the facts by contacting our team.

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Crawl Space Repair in New Braunfels without the Stress

Depending on the level of current issues and the size of your home, your services for crawl spaces in New Braunfels can cost between $1,500 and $15,000. It's an instant source of anxiety for some, but with our flexible financing opportunities and the ability to customize your project to meet your budget with our contractors, you don't have to worry.

We're here to help you protect your property, family, and belongings as economically as feasible. Our representatives are standing by, ready to go over your crawl space repair options. Satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED! Check out our blog for more info on your crawl space.

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See what our customers have to say:
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"They are definitely professionals at all they do! The foundation repair company explained the entire process, start to finish, and gave me an itemized estimate of recommended services. Not to mention, my foundation waterproofing was completed on-time! I'd highly recommend the experts at New Braunfels Foundation Repair!"
- John Z.

Find Our New Braunfels Crawl Space Contractors in Your Area!

Are you in or near the New Braunfels region? Then we're your leading crawl space company. We are looking to expand, and that means adding the towns of Seguin, San Marcos, Canyon Lake, McQueeny, and Selma to our service areas. It doesn't mean we exclusively visit these cities, so if you're in the vicinity and there's a foundation crack repair demand at your property, call us for a FREE quote!

Stay Safe & Dry With Our Sturdy Foundation Repair Options Offered at Reasonable Rates

Stop neglecting your foundation repairs and start acting by communicating your needs to NB Foundation Repair Experts today! Call us at (830) 293-3414
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