Direct Foundation Inspection in New Braunfels

Foundation Inspection in New Braunfels - What You Should Know

A general contractor can realistically perform a foundation inspection in New Braunfels. There is no accrediting or special schooling required to advertise that you're a licensed foundation inspector. It makes the process of selecting the right one for your home a little more challenging because you have to do your own digging and research to determine who's the most qualified.

NB Foundation Repair Experts have highly-educated, trained, and experienced structural engineers that are sent out to do foundation inspections because we want someone on site that knows what they're supposed to be watching for.

You won't be meeting a general contractor with no clue what they're looking for when you call us for your home foundation inspection. You're going to have a man or woman who pays close attention to all the details and someone who gives you honest answers about your structure's condition. Get started on your foundation repair project by requesting your FREE estimate today!

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Professional Foundation Inspections - Pros & Cons

The one primary benefit of hiring another company for foundation repair in New Braunfels to do your foundation inspection that doesn't employ structural engineers is that you're not going to have to pay as much. The foundation inspection cost in New Braunfels is lower for general contractors because they don't have the criteria that allow them to charge a higher rate.

The disadvantage of a general contractor examining your foundation is the greater risk of critical problems being overlooked. NB Foundation Repair Experts' structural engineers won't miss anything, and that's our promise to you. With our specialists, you will get the added resources of structural engineers, including:

  • Qualifications of holding a bachelors degree in civil engineering
  • A contractor that has worked under another professional for at least five years
  • An engineering report upon completion
  • No pushy sales tactics
  • A customized plan for foundation repair
  • Peace of mind that your foundation inspection is accurate

You can understand more about the services offered with our structural engineer foundation inspections in New Braunfels by filling out the convenient online form today. 

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Skipping Your Foundation Inspection Could Cost Thousands

Can you skip the foundation inspection in New Braunfels and go straight into repair? If a foundation repair company suggests doing this, don't hire them. You need to have a clear idea of what's going on with your structure as a whole, not just deal with one minor issue at a time. When foundation repair contractors are quick to jump into the work without studying, you could end up with catastrophic problems later on.

Sure, you'll get a temporary solution to your foundation issue, but something else could go wrong in a short time that you weren't aware of. Our qualified foundation inspectors provide you with the top-notch, detailed answers you require to do the most thorough foundation repair, and that includes:

  • Looking for cracks in the floors, walls, and ceilings - not just what can be seen from outside the home
  • Measuring to see how level the foundation is with precision technologies implemented
  • Walking around the exterior looking for cracks in fascia boards, and brick veneer for slab foundations
  • Checking for mold and musty odors in crawl spaces
  • Examining the condition of piers, beams, and joints
  • Inspection of wood for rot or moisture

None of these details can be skipped, or your foundation inspection in New Braunfels won't be precise. Please don't risk it. Leave it to our professionals.

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foundation problem discovered during foundation inspection in New Braunfels

Structural Engineers for Foundation Inspections Are Here!

In all seriousness, paying a little bit more for a qualified structural engineer foundation inspection in New Braunfels is worth the investment. The comfort that comes with knowing you have the best foundation repair company in all of Texas handing your home's structural integrity is quite valuable all on its own! When you work with us, you're also acquiring:

  • Personal attention from a locally owned and operated company
  • Over 20 years of foundation repair experience
  • A FREE initial foundation inspection
  • 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE
  • Warranties on all foundation repairs provided

Uncover the distinction of selecting a certified foundation inspection versus a general contractor when you reach out to schedule your appointment now!



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"They are definitely professionals at all they do! The foundation repair company explained the entire process, start to finish, and gave me an itemized estimate of recommended services. Not to mention, my foundation waterproofing was completed on-time! I'd highly recommend the experts at New Braunfels Foundation Repair!"
- John Z.

Home Foundation Inspection in New Braunfels is Where Our Relationship Begins

After you encounter what we can do for you during your structural engineer foundation inspection in New Braunfels, you're guaranteed to want to utilize our services for whatever issues we find. We're capable of tackling even the most extensive foundation repair problems with efficiency to keep your rates as low as possible. Get started by requesting your initial FREE foundation inspection now!

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